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La Maison des Paludiers



House museum of Paludiers

Located in the heart of the village of paludier Saillé, THE HOUSE OF PALUDIERS offers 2 options to discover the secrets of millennia "SALT GUERANDE".

The visit is done sitting or half-sitting. It begins with a museum and an explanation of how a salt with a salt worker guide around a large model, and ends with a movie on the big screen (8m) to view a year paludier work.

A salt worker will discover his farm. You will follow the flow of sea water of étier to salt crystallization in the "eye". You will observe the slope, subtle adjustments and if the weather permits, enjoy the "flower of salt" gathered in front of you.

The visit ends with the release of a film.
The history of salt at home Paludiers
This is in Guérande, a town famous for its salt marshes, you will have the opportunity to go to visit the house of Paludiers.This museum makes you discover the secrets of salt either its manufacture or its various properties. You will have the opportunity to watch a film explaining the operation of the salt marshes and the role of salt worker.

You will also have the opportunity to visit a saline (April to September). Many explanations and answers to all your questions will be provided by a salt worker. Discover all the secrets of the famous sea salt!

Convenient: all films are available in German, English and Spanish.



Addresse: Saillé 16 rue des prés Garnier  44350 GUERANDE

Tel: 02 40 62 21 96

Fax: 02 40 15 03 46


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