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Port of Tréhiguier, “Le Bile” headland, old lighthouse of Penestin

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Sea wealth

Mussel culture, or « culture and raising of mussels », a strong tradition

On the major part of the shore, we can see while the sea is low tide, surprising piling of stakes, regularly spaced: they are “bouchots à moules”, implanted since the end of the 19th century and they produce shellfish renowned for their qualities. It is the wealth of pure and well oxygenated waters of “la Vilaine” precisely that makes the quality of Pénestin’s mussels. Mussel culture is the most important economic primary activity of Pénestin.

The Port of Tréhiguier, a spot full of charm

Tréhiguier is the small fishing port of Pénestin. It is a very lively place especially when the sea is high tide while mussel cultivators are back with their flat-bottomed boat. To discover it or rediscover, the Tourist Office proposes all year long guided visits.


The old light house, rehabilitated into a museum, opens its doors to one of the patrimonial wealth of Pénestin…: the mussel culture. Come discover the life of “moules de bouchots” and the history of mussel cultivator, the “sea farmer”.

A large and superb foreshore, for the fans of fishing by feet

For each fisherman coming to town regularly, the Tourist Office makes available a leaflet that allows apprehending this activity in the best conditions possible.

You like mussels ?...

NEW : the soup made of our delicious mussels is arrived (and for sale at the Tourist Office). Taste it and find back, any time of the year, this inforgetable flavor !

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